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Deadmau5 Details 'Here's The Drop' Remix Album

Deadmau5 is getting remixed by again by a load of DJs new and old.
Deadmau5 Here's The Drop

Deadmau5 has announced the details for his new remix album Here’s The Drop. Playing off of his 2018 orchestral LP Where’s The Drop, this new remix album takes songs that LP and and gives them a new spin. Remixes arrive from the likes of Pig&Dan, Morgan Page, Tinlicker, Mad Zach and more. Spencer Brown’s remix of "fn pig" is out now.

This is deadmau5’ second remix album in five years after the 5 Years of Mau5 collection released in 2014 with a slew of remixes for his tracks. Pre-save here, though watch the permissions, before it is out on October 4.

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