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When you envision a Tycho show, it is likely on a sandy beach, the top of a beautiful mountaintop or a sunny day in the woods. While it may not have been exactly those scenarios, Tycho in Central Park is pretty damn close.

On a beautiful day in New York City, Tycho came to SummerStage for a show in Central Park on Thursday, September 19. Poolside opened the night at 7pm with the sun setting on the horizon. Their stoic demeanor on stage was met with some fans bobbing up and down, but largely staying pretty still or milling around the venue. They did drop a new song in the set, so look out for some new music from them soon.

After a 30-minute changeover (these things have got to get shorter), Tycho and his band emerged from the shadows to a cheering crowd.

The band came blazing out of the gates with a slew of instrumental numbers from his trio of albums Awake, Dive and Epoch. While fans were excited to relive these records, there was added electricity when Saint Sinner stepped out on stage around 8:40. With a collaborative album between Saint Sinner and Tycho out this summer titled Weather, the pair seemed to have this thing down.

They went through the tracks on the album together like “Skate,” “Pink & Blue” and "Japan," which had a little more ride and energy to it. Saint Sinner became the focal point as Tycho noodled away on synths and various machines, his drummer kept the rhythm alive and two other guys worked on a guitar or bass depending on the track. It was a nice revelation to hear that she is the distant, echoing voice on the album opener “Easy,” which brought a different live component to it.

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Tycho SummerStage Central Park

After “No Stress,” she departed as the band kept on jamming out to more instrumental records. During “Awake,” the two guitarists took turns doing the rhythm guitar portion and the soaring melody as the song evolved.

They eventually came back for a soft rendition of “For How Long” with Saint Sinner and then one final hurrah with “Division,” where the guitars had a little extra style and mustard on them.

With any Tycho project, there is a seamless dream-like quality to it. Long portions of the set flowed effortlessly from song to song as people swayed back and forth and got lost in the lights flanking the stage. The visuals were colorful and beautiful to match the type of music being played. Tycho got on the mic a few too many times to say hello, but it would have been better to just let the set ride without pause. The music sounded really tight and close to what you hear at home, but with a little extra energy. Tycho will be touring pretty extensively in support of Weather, so it you get the chance to see how it sounds live, do it.

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