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Harry Nathan Takes Us "To The Limit" On New Disco Single

Harry Nathan's new single is a dreamy bit of disco fun.
Harry Nathan from the video for his track "Roof Tops"

Harry Nathan from the video for his track "Roof Tops"

Making his Magnetic Mag debut, Australian producer, singer, and songwriter Harry Nathan recently graced the world with his latest single “To The Limit.” This dreamy disco track is the follow up of his debut EP, Songs About Dreams About Her which dropped earlier this year and created some solid buzz across the music industry for the emerging artist. Harry takes dream pop and disco to their funky limits with this new storytelling track and explores some groovy elements of lo-fi and indie pop as well. 

As a multifaceted artist dwelling in the expansive LA music scene, inspiration can be drawn from any corner of the city. Harry describes the city’s influence on his music in the quote below.

“Living in Los Angeles I’m surrounded by a lot of disco, funk and soul music, it’s a huge part of the culture out here and I feel like that plays a massive part in my musical influence. I've always loved disco. There's something about the music of the 1970s that feels so organic, it's easy to get lost in the nostalgia of a time before the world was so hectic and digital," Harry Nathan.

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Harry's approach to his art is playful and refreshing and this song brings back all kinds of great feelings that I hope can carry on into his next project (which should be released before the end of the year). Check out "To The Limit" below and be sure to keep an ear open for more from Harry Nathan. 

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