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Hayden Calnin's New EP Is A Hot Cup Of Tea On A Cold Day

Feel the warmth from the Australian electronic indie folk artist's new EP 'A Life You Would Choose.'
Hayden Calnin A Life You Would Choose

A Life You Would Choose Cover Art

Australian indie rock / folk / electronic artist Hayden Calnin has released his new EP A Life You Would Choose. The EP features three tracks that were previously released, “Fuck Collingwood,” “Warm With You” and “Made Of Everything,” but the new project puts them all together with some new songs to tie it together.

With a new Bon Iver album just a few weeks old, it is hard to miss the comparisons in voice and the way songs are constructed. The vocal tracks often start slow and mellow, with a mini “drop” in the hook that soars. “Warm With You” feels like a song to listen to as snow slowly falls outside of your window with a mug of hot chocolate and a loved one, lying under a tangle of blankets on a big couch.

The record isn’t just Calnin crooning for love, but also facing his demons on “Fuck Collingood” over quivering strings and soft piano. There are two ambient tracks “Late,” which is built around a fluttering piano and soft pads, while the EP closer “Made Of Everything” builds a little more with delicate piano, faint echoing voices and the shivering strings that rise and fall with the movement of the record.

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The entire EP feels dreamy and is easily packaged into neat project. It is for the days that are turning colder and nights spent huddled up indoors.

Get your copy here.

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