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How It Was Made: Leftwing:Kody - I Feel It [Toolroom]

Words and photos by Leftwing:Kody
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Welcome back another edition of How It Was Made, where your favorite artists breakdown their work, and give you an inside look at the habits, tools, and places they used to create your favorite records. This time, we are joined by London's Leftwing:Kody, two of tech house's finest talents. Their recent track 'I Feel It', became a smash hit across the world, and we thought it was only fitting to invite them to show us how it was made.  

Words and photos by Leftwing:Kody

cc Joe Magowan

cc Joe Magowan

I Feel It came about last year it was just getting into Summer and it was starting to get hot. Chris was still touring and I had stopped which gave me a lot more time on my hands to experiment with different types of music and make music that’s just not underground based but a bit more accessible so that you could possibly hear on the radio and not necessarily just for club listening. I started messing around on the piano which I really love, my Dad is a pianist but I never really had the time to put time into it. Now with more time to spare, I started learning chords and different progressions and it stemmed from that. I wanted to do something a bit more musical, learn some chords whilst heading into the summer months so my head-space was driven by that kind of music.

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It first started just with the progression, at the time I was listening to Paul Woolford Untitled and Richy Ahmed track called Jammin’ which was part of the inspiration. It took about 2-3 hours to make, and I didn't really think much of it. The first version was very analogue based, I was using a lot of Roland drum machines and it sounded quite underground. At the time I was working in Mark Knight's studio, so I was around the Toolroom guys a lot. I was chatting to Matt the A&R and he asked me if I had any music so I played him a few bits and showed him the rough version of I Feel It which he thought was really interesting. I gave that to him in June last year, and towards September time he thought there was definitely something in it.

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I went to work on it a bit more as the initial version was quite rough. I put more time into it, and I used an Avenger, Nexus, and Kontakt for the piano using different sounds to layer it to make it sound HUGE. The drums were mainly programmed in Kontakt but also has some 909 sounds in there which were from a sample pack. I mixed two or three layers, and the synth sounds on the track were created on a Yamaha CS-80 which gave it a really nice analogue sound.

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Once I'd finished that version it was still sounding a bit too underground so I did a session with Mark Knight who brought it to a more accessible place, there were slight tweaks to the arrangement and the bass-line which eventually made it fit all together. I left it with the Toolroom guys thinking it was going to be a nice house track made for summer and Ibiza in mind, I never thought it was going to be as big as its got and hopefully, it keeps growing and growing!

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