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Interview: Jaguar Skills Talks Favorite Rappers, World Pacman Ranking, New Music

The legendary Jaguar Skills divulges more about his return to hip-hop, top 3 bucket list items, and 3 facts you might not know about him.

Jaguar Skills is a name known all around the world for a multitude of reasons. With a diverse career consisting of resident DJ spots at the hottest clubs in Hong Kong, Russia, Ibiza and London, notorious historical mixtapes and radio shows for the BBC, Capital FM, and The Trevor Nelson show, plus releases covering everything from drum & bass to grime and hip hop, there isn't a lot Jaguar Skills hasn't done. With a headline slot at this year's Docklands Festival plus an exciting return to hip-hop, we decided it was high time to have a chat to the man, the myth, the absolute legend that is Jaguar Skills. 

Hey, great to have you with us today! What’s new in the world of Jaguar Skills?

Konichiwa! Been learning Dim Mak.

We heard a rumor about a new podcast series starting up soon documenting 10 Years of hip-hop – can you tell us a little bit about that?

I’m going to attempt - every week - to do a mix which follows the history of hip-hop - one year at a time. 20 minutes long. Every week!

That’s like 40 damn mixes - hopefully it won’t kill me doing it.

I make everything with my mask on too. It gets real hot.

What would you say have been the most influential hip-hop records of the last decade?

For me? Or historically? I think Kendrick’s output is pretty historic. Kanye too. But, the most influential might be from dudes like Chief Keef or even, god forbid, Soulja Boy…or something from Khalid… the auto tune sound was the sound pretty much. Which for me, isn't my shit. For me, it’s people like Mf Doom, Czarface, Action Bronson, Alchemist, Ghostface.

And what new hip-hop releases have you been feeling lately?

There’s a dude called Crimeapple who’s dope. I love all the Czarface shit. I’ve been checking the new Little Brother album that’s sick. The new Madlib joint is wicked too.

You’ve also got an EP coming out that you’re working on– anything you can tell us about that?

I’m working on a whole heap of music. All real soulful. I decided to bring it full circle. I started making hip-hop and then moved to electronic music, but for this project, it’s all chopped up soul samples, emceeing and beats. It’s real music, with some substance. There’s a lot of live instrumentation too. Can’t wait for you to hear it!

You’ve got an incredibly diverse history of your own from the past nearly two decades, ranging from drum & bass to grime, gaming, technology, fashion, multiple world tours – is there anything you haven’t done?!

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Country and Western. My dad produced a country and western album before. I haven't though. Why? Cos I hate it!. That’s one style of music I fucking hate. I can pretty much see the artistry in most, pretty much all music, but this shit……..nope! I know I didn’t really answer the question properly - but I had to vent.

Jaguar Skills Press Shot

Jaguar Skills Press Shot

What’s at the top of your bucket list currently?

I don’t really have a list like that. I mean, so far life has been pretty eventful…..ok….

1: Live long enough to have full UFO Alien disclosure.

2: To actually find out if we are living in a holographic projected reality.

3: To have ANY UK emcee call me back.

Not in order.

You’ve chosen to keep a lot of things about your identity a secret – but what’s something people might not know about you that you can safely divulge?

I’m in the top 2% players in the world at PACMAN. I’ve been in the film BATMAN BEGINS. I’m not really a ninja. I just like ‘em.

You have an upcoming appearance at Southampton’s new Docklands Festival – what can fans expect to see from you there?

Mad crazy dub plates - a bunch of dope jungle bits, a few fresh baseline bits, a pinch of hip-hop with a twist of Soca!

And finally, what else does Jaguar Skills have in store for the rest of 2019?

I’m working fully on music this year - ready for 2020 - I’m going to be putting out a lot of stuff next year. Beware!

Thank you so much for your time and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Man, I can’t wait to release it to you all. Thanks for the interview! So until then!!!!

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