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Joy Orbison Finally Putting Back Catalog On Streaming Services

Fans will finally get to listen to Joy Orbison's discography on streaming services.

Joy Orbison is putting his music on streaming services tomorrow. His Spotify page is quite thin at the moment, with only three releases live ranging from 2010’s The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow to 2018’s collaborative EP with Ben Vince, Transition 2 / System Align.

This is something he has been meaning to do for years apparently. He wrote a note on Instagram as to why he is doing this now.

“In the past, I think I may have given the impression that I was somewhat willfully obscure with the way I released my music,” he wrote. "I think I've just focused on what I thought made most sense with the music I was making and how I engaged with the culture. Over the years, that's actually changed a fair bit, and I've got a load of new music on the way so it felt like a good time to get my shit together."

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It isn’t clear if all of his music will arrive on streaming services, but we hope it is all of his tracks.

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