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Lights Out Exclusive: Cool Tiger On Junction White 002 Remixers

Ever wonder why certain remixers get chosen?
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Have you ever stopped to think about how or why certain artists are chosen to remix a track? Out of all the other producers out there, what was it about the ones who were picked that made the original artist excited for them to lend their touch? It could be a multitude of reasons, but to give us some clarity on why he chose who he did, we asked Junction Records' founder Cool Tiger about their next release. 


Cool Tiger:


"Junction White 002 is the second installment of our “White” series on Junction Records. It is made to showcase the rawer, club-centred side of the label, but still keeping the organic and innovative storyline that Junction Records encompasses. JCTW002 includes two of my tracks, “Right Now” and “Come To Me”, with two remixes by some of my favourite producers at the moment: Subjected (ARTS, Vault Series) and Daniel Ruane (oqko, Mein Nacht). 

JCTW002 will get released on vinyl and on digital platforms. On the one hand, Subjected had been one of my favourite producers for years, and definitely one of the top influences on the label. I’m feeling so glad and grateful he accepted to be part of this project. His remixes are deep, powerful and very organic. On the other hand, Daniel Ruane is an up-and-coming artist from Manchester with a very peculiar and intense production style, ranging from broken beats to techno. His remix is complex and very innovative.

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It’s interesting to have two remixers from a different generation, both representing a side of the sound of Junction Records." 

Daniel Ruane:


"I accepted the remix because the kick drums were particularly dense & saturated and I love kick drums that are dense &/or saturated of course. It's kinda hard to describe my own work but I think kinetic and squidgy would be the words I'd choose. My inspiration was the idea of maintaining as much propulsion as I could while trying to make the caffeine inspired patterns frenetic and about to collapse on themselves at any given point." 

Junction White 002 is available September 18. Grab it here

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