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Lunice & Hudson Mohwake Reunite As TNGHT For Quirky New Track "Serpent"

TNGHT has moved on from the "Higher Ground" sound.
TNGHT Lunice Hudson Mohawke

TNGHT is back. Hudson Mohawke and Lunice have released their first song in six years “Serpent.” Known for their bombastic productions that helped define the instrumental trap genre like “Higher Ground,” they have decided to go in a very different direction with “Serpent.”

The new track is quirky and interesting. It starts out with someone chanting and a tribal drum pattern, before topping that off with some chimes and shaking percussion. This single isn't the heaving and large type of productions that used to emerge from them. That sound got so overdone, they were likely left with no choice but to find a new direction.

There is no word if this is just a one off single or if this will preclude a new album at some point. Get "Serpent" here.

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