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Magnetic Live: HOSH At Halcyon SF + Interview

We are bringing the heat to The Bay with HOSH this Saturday.

Party people in the place! After a nice little break, Magnetic and Halcyon SF are back with our on-going Magnetic Live party series. This time, we are bringing German icon HOSH to the city by the bay, for what is sure to be a night of absolute elation. Ahead of our little shindig, we caught up with HOSH for a quick chat to see what he's got in store for us. 

HOSH Halcyon Poster SF 9/14/19

Let's start with the basics, what's in with name?
It comes from my nick name Hoshy which is a German translation of "the dude.“ My friends all used it to call each other bro, buddy, dude. So HOSH it just stuck to me somehow - it was around the time of the movies Bill & Ted, and the Big Lebowski etc.

Speaking of cool names. You have also appropriated an unarguably cool one for your label, fryhide. Where did this originate?

If a native English speaker pronounces it the way it’s written it sounds like the German word Freiheit which means freedom. So its a made-up word (which is good in social media tags), but still has a meaning.

Love it. Any exciting upcoming collaborations or releases?

We just released a remix for the Australian band Crooked Colours. It's true crossover stuff that works while both listening at home and in the club. In terms of collaborations, there will be one with 1979 that’s coming soon. It's called "Midnight" and probably one of the most requested tracks I have ever produced, so I’m very excited about this.

Wow, that's massive. Any other exciting developments with the label?

Yes, we create more and more events. We did first events in Berlin (Watergate), Basel (Nordstern), Montreal and Off Week in Barcelona. They were all successful and there seems to be growing in demand. The next event is at ADE in Amsterdam. The USA is on the list for next year as well!


You're in the midst of a three month North American tour. What does life on tour look like for you?

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I have been coming to the USA for 16 years and always had a special relationship with the country due to this longevity. You get to see things, meet people and experience food you would not be able to at home. I am always up for culinary highlights and last time I found this amazing Pizza place called “Tony's” and had one of the best Napoli style pizzas (outside of Napoli) of my life.

On the contrary to this, tour life can be pretty exhausting due to lack of sleep and all the travel. All touring artists need to learn to adjust with this although its something that none of us really appreciate. So an optimized schedule that allows sleeping whenever possible and good food and movement/exercise definitely help. For me, it is also essential to have FaceTime calls with my two girls at home

Where is home these days?

I am based in Ibiza nowadays, all year-round. I am loving the island despite the party madness. The autumn/winter/spring became my favorite seasons. I am mainly excited to spend time with my wife and daughter when I'm there, but also the island itself and, of course, my studio.

Many know you from your early-Diynamic affiliation. What were those formative years in Hamburg, Germany like for you and your crew?

It was basically the time when we were growing up musically. We found our Identity. We were young and had a lot of fire and really wanted to succeed with our mission. It was music nonstop. We formed relations and bounds that were more than friendship, which still connects us today although we are on different paths. I am very thankful for this time. It opened the world.

If you could create a new genre to describe your music, what would it be?

I am not a fan of genres at all. Genre means to put a limit to it by nature. For me, electronic always means the music of technology and future even if lines to the past are drawn. In this terms my genre would be no-genre-just-style-futuristic-revolution-house-and-techno

The summer is drawing to a close and the end of the year is right around the corner. What were some of your favorite moments this summer? Anything you are particularly excited about the rest of this year?

It has been an absolutely stunning summer in terms of gigs and touring for me. In 2019 I made some serious moves and I am more than blessed as they all seem to have worked out perfectly. Some of the highlights were the fryhide event at OFF Week in Barcelona, the 2 shows I played for Pete Tong in Blue Marlin, the North America Tour and last but not least the time I got to spend with my family and friends in Ibiza. We have some exciting tours still coming up and also fryhide at ADE, which will be special. Music-wise, the highlights for me are yet to be released

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