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Magnetic Mix 049: Peter Ibbetson

Ibbetson draws on the influences for his new EP.
Peter Ibbetson

South London producer Peter Ibbetson is our latest artist to take over the reigns for a Magnetic Mix. He plays in the George Fitzgerald and Makeness live bands, but is looking to emerge more on his own with his new Control Yourself EP, filled with textured and soothing bit of progressive and melodic house music.

Stepping in for our Magnetic Mix, he puts together the inspirations for his new EP with tunes by Burial, Ross From Friends, George Fitzgerald and more for some slow burning techno and ambient records together.

"These tracks have been an influence on the sound world of my new EP Control Yourself, which dropped on the 6th September here. I’ve also been playing many of these tracks out on DJ dates around South and East London recently," explains Ibbetson. "The mix takes you from some late night dance floor techno cuts to some more chilled electronic moments, melding together the work of some of today’s best producers."

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6. Stepping Out of Sync (Steffi's Broken Dub Mix) - Makeness
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8. Not The News (Mark Pritchard Remix) - Thom Yorke
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10. Renata (Daphni Remix) - James Holden
11. Outgrown (Sandunes Remix) - George Fitzgerald & Bonobo

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