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Magnetic Mix 051: Amy Root

Dutch live electronic act Amy Root step up for a mix including the likes of Four Tet, Floating Points, Mallard and more.
Amy Root

We just dropped our two-for-one special with Magnetic Mix 50, but we are not stopping there. Dutch live electronica duo Amy Root is next up to make a mix for us. In the same vein as artists they have supported in the past like Maribou State and Apparat, they put together an hour of sublime techno and house by the likes of Four Tet, Ross From Friends, Mallard and more. Listen to their new EP Elif if you want a taste of the type of music they are producing.

Listen to their full hour mix and follow along with the tracklist.

We also chat with the duo about the mix, being "classically trained" and more.

1. We often hear the term "classically trained" when it comes to DJs who want to appear more "musical" or talented. How does classical training impact electronic music and what does it mean in this context.

For us it actually just meant the inspiration to work with each other. We met during our studies, and we instantly realized we were sharing the same passion. Still today it is our shared interests that is making our music better. Every time we challenge ourselves even more.

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2. You guys work together a lot, but how did you learn to collaborate with other artists.

We are very often inspired by a lot of artists around us. That's why we are always trying to get in touch with them, work with them and learn from them. Everyone has something special to contribute and it is always really interesting to mix those worlds together and create something new.

3. How and why did you choose the songs in this mix?

These songs are having a kind of “melancholic and emotional” feel which we really like and which we are always trying to put in our music as well.

But in general we always want to embrace other artists that we think are inspiring to us and to the people around us.

4. What are your plans for the future and what projects are coming next?

We would like to work with many other artists in the future. Creating as much music as we can. Who knows, we’re up to an album any time soon. Playing live is something we both really love as well. We want our listeners to experience the utmost of our shows as possible, which is why we’re going to put a lot of effort in making our live show even better.


1. Amy Root - Elif
2. Erika de Casier - Intimate (ClubMix)
3. Mallard - Verte
4. Youandewan - Be Good to me Poly
5. Nathan Micay - Ecstacy Is On Maple Mountain
6. Binkbeats - 9ine Fo4r 4our
7. Ross from Friends - Epiphany
8. Golden Vessel - Orangesmokeflare (Feat. The Nicholas)
9. Jimi Tenor - Vocalize My Luv
10. Four Tet - Anna Painting
11. Charlotte Adigéry - Paténipat (Edit)
12. Kh, Four Tet - Only Human
13. Marie Davidson - Work it (Soulwax Remix)
14. Floating Points - LesAlpx
15. Modeselektor - WMF Love Song
16. Schacke - Kistloty People

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