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Moombahton Creators Celebrate 10 Years With  New Album

The accidental global sensation turns 10.
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About 10 years ago, a DJ named Dave Nada unintentionally slowed down an Afrojack tune called "Moombah," and thus created a genre that became so big, it's found its way into the music of some of the biggest artists on the planet. Like, Drake and Justin Bieber level big. To celebrate the past decade, Dave Nada and Tittsworth together as Hermanito have compiled an LP featuring some of the genre's finest talents, like NoizeKid, one of the top Mexican DJs known for his style based moombahton, jungle terror and house, to Rathero, the Peruvian DJ and producer whose unique global bass touches have garnered the attention from the likes of Major Lazer and DJ Snake

HM005 Artwork

It's actually pretty crazy to think back to 2009 and actually watching the birth of the genre and how it went from that crazy new shit people started playing to the true and established genre it is today. Who would have of thought that dropping a record by 20 bpm would create a global movement that is going as strong as ever to this day? Check out the album below, and be sure to grab a copy. 

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