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Simulation Broken: Paul Oakenfold Playing Storm Area 51 Basecamp Event

What level of the simulation is this?
Storm Area 51 Basecamp

This is the weirdest thing I will write about all week. It has to be. Paul Oakenfold is playing the Storm Area 51 Basecamp at the Alien Research Center on the Extraterrestrial Highway, tomorrow night, Friday September 20.

Paul Oakenfold is no stranger to unique DJ set locations. He has already played at the Great Wall of China, Mount Everest basecamp and Stonehenge. Now he can add near Area 51 to his resume.

His performance will follow a screening of Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell’s hit Netflix documentary Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers. Corbell is also helping to curate the event.

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In addition to Oakenfold and Corbell, there will be talks from expert speakers and ufologists including Ken Layne, “UFO Jane” Kyle, Retired USAF Master Sergeant Jim Goodall, Rick Doty, Dick Marcinko and more. Live music, food trucks, art installations and Alien-inspired experiences are also featured at the weekend event according to a press release.

Will there be anyone who actually goes for it to Storm Area 51? People are very confident online, but if it means getting gunned down by soldiers, they may think twice.

Tickets to the event and $51 per person and include parking, two bottles of water, a $10 food truck voucher and a commemorative lanyard. There will be limited accommodations for tents and RVs.

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