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Playlist: Amine Edge & Dance's 10 Most Underrated Tracks From Their Label Cuff

Amine Edge & Dance celebrate 100 releases on their label CUFF.
Amine Edge & Dance

Amine Edge & Dance haven’t just firmly established themselves as DJs and producers, but also as label owners for Cuff. The label started as a place for their own music in March 2014, but quickly evolved into a place for all sorts of house acts like Shiba San, Chris Lorenzo, Sirus Hood and more. Now five and a half years later they are celebrating 100 releases with the single “Club Lit.” It arrives as a single and remixes from Jimmy Edgar, DJ Deeon, Eskuche and Mass Sassari. Listen below and stream elsewhere here.

In honor of the milestone, they have chosen for us 10 of the most underrated tracks on their label. They are obviously slightly biased, but even the most biased knows when certain songs are hits and others flew under the radar.

"When we were making our selections, not only were we thinking about what we believed were some of the greatest (hidden) gems released through our label, but we also wanted our listeners to discover some great tracks that we would play in order to get the Club Lit,” explain the duo. “For us, this playlist showcases the creativity and talent the artists that we are proud to be working with and collaborating with and we also hope that listeners will fall in love with their sound."

Amine Edge & DANCE - Halfway Crooks

It was released in 2014 and was the first release of the label, which was a compilation. This track is very important to us because it is timeless and we can still play it now in various sets and it always fits in. This compilation also comes with some artists who are now known worldwide such as Tim Baresko, Victor Ruiz and many more...

Elomak - Mocha Blanc

Talented producer from Paris, Elomak has his unique style, this track can be played in any sets, very powerful and sexy.

Chicks Luv Us, Medeew & Sergio Diaz (now SerGy) - Get to You

This track has so much emotion, a perfect end of night tune or after-hours jam.

Husko - Stop

Just a dance floor killer, every DJ should play it if they want to destroy a club. Can't get enough of it.

Reelow - Party 'N Sex

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We love acid house, but Reelow always takes risks and he's not afraid of mixing genres. This track is so sexy and so aggressive at the same time, the heavy metal vocals before the drops are insane and bring a crazy euphoria.

Future Lab - Back Though

This is just a crazy banger, not just another tech-house tune. This one is a BOMB.

US & SerGy - Crush It

AKA SAES and Daddy Dino, a duo from NYC never fails. This is their biggest tune, so powerful in the club, subtle and effective.

DJ Glen & Nana Torres Feat. SerGy (Amine Edge & DANCE's Rascal Dub)

Inspired by the old Strictly Rhythm vibe, this is a dope tune to dance to.

Allen(IT) - Dip & Dip

Dance floor killer, club hit, the kind of track that you play in case you are in difficulties. It turns the club upside down all the time.

Classmatic - Consciousness

We love minimal, and not many people do it nowadays and this is one is certainly one of the best minimal track we've heard. 

Stream the full playlist below.

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