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Premiere: Hammock Channel Nature's Beauty On Reworks For East Forest & Ram Dass

Dive into the beauty of nature with these two Hammock reworks.
Ram Dass & East Forest

Ram Dass & East Forest

Ambient composers and musicians Hammock has lent his hand to two remixes for East Forest and Ram Dass’ collaborative album Ram Dass. Hammock elevates the tracks “Nature” and “Dark Thoughts” even more.

The album opener “Nature” gets a total new rework with this remix. East Forest puts down a bed of piano for Ram Dass’ spiritual spoken word, but Hammock switches things up. They keep Dass’ poignant words about nature and its beauty, “nature is a manifestation of god,” but instead allow the track to grow over soft, flowing pads and strings.

“Dark Thoughts” was originally built around quivering strings, but Hammock bring their own spin on the track. Strings remain the focal point around Dass’ voice, but they rework them to tug at the heartstrings and bring out the darkness from this record with light at the end of the tunnel. The strings soar in between Dass’ spoken word verses.

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This feels like it could be part of a nature documentary the way it is composed with Dass’ voice. With fall coming, these have to be on your list of chill tracks for the outdoor chill.

"We chose the piece 'Dark Thoughts' because of our own struggles with darkness. Ram Dass doesn’t sanitize or romanticize this darkness, he just observes it. Almost deviously, he says, 'You love your dark thoughts…' reminding us that sometimes, we just want to be left alone to entertain our darkness," explains Hammock in a statement. 

"Eventually we will emerge from it. Sadly, sometimes we may emerge 'more dead than alive’ as Ram Dass so succinctly wrote years ago in a letter to two grieving parents after the murder of their eleven year old daughter. Nevertheless, we emerge and because of the darkness, we are once again grateful for light. Thank you for your light, Ram Dass."

Both reworks will be available tomorrow, September 6.

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