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Premiere: Louie Vega Reimagines 'Barely Breaking Even' With NYC Vamps Dub

We unveil one of a slew of reworks by Louie Vega for this classic disco record.
Barely Breaking Even Louie Vega

Revered UK label Barely Breaking Even is set to hit a major milestone later this month with its 500th release ever. The label’s name is taken from the track “Barely Breaking Even” made by The Universal Robot Band. Now 500 releases later, the label has joined Leroy Burgess (the song’s writer) and Patrick Adams (also of The Universal Robot Band) with Louie Vega to give the song a slew of reworks. We are proud to bring the Louie Vega NYC Vamp Dub for you today before it is released as part of the larger package on September 27.

To get this idea off of the ground, the label convinced Adams, Burgess and Vega into a studio to work on the track. Adams and Burgess arranged live strings by The Apple Hill String Quartet and Louie Vega put everything together with some New York disco flare and a tough bassline underneath that brings this to a modern dancefloor.

The NYC Vamp dub puts a focus on the strings and bassline with a minimal approach to the soaring vocals from Burgess, though he is certainly found in the hooks. There is just enough of each to remember the original’s magic, while also feeling the new energy brought into the record.

Stream the record below before it is released on September 27.

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