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Premiere: Piero Pirupa Drops Addictive, Rave-Fueled New Single 'Braindead'

Pirupa is back with another mammoth single.

Piero Pirupa (formerly known as just Pirupa) is making his debut on Gorgon City’s REALM imprint this Friday with a new single “Braindead.”

The track is grounded in two main elements – a spoken word vocal about drugs and a rave-fueled synth line.

The vocal is a sample from a punk band from the ‘80s, but fits into the track perfectly. It is sped up and repeated to the point where you will likely get hooked on it.

All of this is held together by a pumping and funky bassline with some ominous pads in the background during breaks.

“Braindead” will be released tomorrow, September 6 via REALM. In addition to the premiere, we asked Pirupa a little about how this one came together.

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Where did you get the idea for the vocal? Is it a sample or did you record it?

It’s a sample from an old vinyl I found in the old collection I have in my Italian house. It’s from a very unknown underground punk band from the 80s – as soon as I heard it I knew how to make it work with the track.

The song has a bit of a 90’s rave feel to it, notably with the synths and the drug announcement. Did you set out to do that or did it just happen on its own?

When I heard the vocal my first impression was to do a track with a 90s rave feel. That's why in the end I made something that reminded me of that period, and I’m very happy with the result – it has been getting some big support from many DJs, which is amazing too.

What drew you to Realm to release this one?

I really like Gorgon City, been a fan for a long time, so for me it is a great pleasure to release on their label and I hope to do some more releases on REALM in the future.

What are your plans on upcoming touring and how has this one gone off live?

“Braindead” has been getting an incredible reaction when I play it out, so I can’t wait for the next stops on the tour, which will be in Ibiza at Pacha with Claptone, and then a South America Tour with stops in Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, so excited.

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