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Premiere: Powel Joins Balance Music's New Label Dawn Till Dusk For Inaugural Release

We premiere the vocal mix of "Aburaya" that is set for a vinyl only release.

You likely know Australian label Balance Music from their famed Balance compilations with some of the best DJs in the world. However, in between the compilations they do release some quality projects. We are happy to announce a Balance is launching a new label Dawn Till Dusk with an EP Iblard from German producer Powel. The EP will arrive on Friday and we are premiering the vinyl-only vocal mix “Aburaya” from the project today.

“Aburaya” is a beautiful and soothing record that uses soft percussion, a slow and memorable piano / xylophone melody and gentle pads to help create an track that matches the beautiful scenery in the album art.

If you don’t like the soft cooing in this record that helps pull it together, there will also be an instrumental mix on the EP.

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“I'm very honored, and excited that Powel is the artist to launch the first release on Dawn till Dusk, as he captures the sound of the label perfectly with his incredible musicality, and captivating atmospheres he creates through his productions,” says Balance Music label manager Tom Pandzic.

The EP comes in at five tracks, including the instrumental mix “Aburaya.” The vocal mix is a vinyl only track, so this will be the only place you can hear this special record. Pre-order it here and stream below.

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