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Premiere: TR/ST Unveils Melancholic New Single "The Stain"

TR/ST shares a new single from the second part of his two part 'The Destroyer' album.


Robert Alfons is in full album mode with his project TR/ST, gearing up for his new LP The Destroyer -2 out on November 1. It follows up the first part of The Destroyer, released in April. With the album coming soon, new music has been emerging from the project. We are happy to premiere the new single “The Stain” for you today.

“The Stain” isn’t as heavy as some of his more industrial tracks. Dark and eerie synths put a shadow on the soft drums, while Alfons sings over the top to match somehow piano and strings. There is the constant in his husky and 90’s grunge-sounding voice that add to the overall melancholy of the track. It is this musical concurrence that delivers a mix of emotions not often heard in a lot of modern music.

Alfons calls this single, "a trepidatious push through murky waters, searching for shore.”

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“The Stain” will be released tomorrow, September 20 and you can pre-order the album here.

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