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Notorious bass connoisseur Ray Volpe has released his new track “Memories of You” on Thrive Music. Throughout the first minute or so, you almost forget “Memories of You” is from a new generation of dance music - a Ray Volpe single circa 2019, no less and are briefly taken back to Porter Robinson’s Worlds back in 2014.

Ray Volpe had this to say in reference to his new single: “This song completely covers all of the styles of music I love to make. Blending dreamy melodic chord focused drops with huge bass heavy b-sections for the headbangers/bass fans. It just feels right to me and comes naturally. I've been doing this combination for years, but lately, it's been calling me a lot more. I grew up listening to post-hardcore and metalcore, so the addition of the guitar in the builds with the emo vox I wrote felt like a perfect match. It's safe to say this is one of my favorite songs I've made, and I hope everyone else feels the same.”

Ray Volpe's bass-heavy bangers originally earned him a reputation as one of the leaders of the new-age revival of dubstep but the young producer began to show a new side of himself with his first single on Thrive Music "Save Me." Ray Volpe continues to develop his sound and force his fans to adapt their expectations. 

Listen to “Memories of You” below and it available on all streaming platforms.

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