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Review: Bodywash Create Hypnotic Shoegaze Dream With Debut Album 'Bodywash'

For those who need a comforting album for the fall.


With summer on its last legs, it is time for some relaxing music to usher in those rainy, cool days indoors. Montreal two-piece band Bodywash has released their debut album Comforter that lives up to the name and does just that.

The band blends together shoegaze, hazy electronic influences and a small dash of trip-hop rhythms. The album is a blissful piece of music that meshes hazy, layered vocals, hypnotic backing synths and guitars and echoing drums.

The songs often reflect their titles (not always true) with "Reverie" being the track that draws you into this Bodywash dream before you get taken outside to soak up some warm sun on the shimmering “Sunspots.” Things get a little heavier for a brief moment on “Reprise” with crunchy electric guitar before the more electronic “Paradisiac” draws you right back into their reverie.

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This is an album that feels best when consumed as a whole piece and not dissected into playlists. It is a complete and beautiful body of work that deserves your love. It feels like if Slowdive met Tycho and created something new out of their work.

Stream the record below now and get a copy wherever you do that. This is a great record for vinyl. Get tickets to their tour here.

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