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Review: Panda Eyes - Society EP

Some of his loudest work to date
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Panda Eyes has been steadily making waves in the world of electronic music since starting in 2014. The Swiss producer has forged a unique niche for himself with his creative combinations of chiptune, dubstep, and glitch-hop, gaining support over the years from some of the biggest names in the scene. His latest EP is the self-released Society featuring four brand new tracks and an animated music video.

The title track, “Society,” offers an ominous, suspenseful intro, slowly building in energy and complexity with menacing intrigue. After over a minute on the edge of our seats, the track drops with a quick nod to his 8-bit influences before breaking down into pure carnage. Heavy yet intricate, the “Society” is some of Panda Eye’s loudest work to date and sets the tone for the rest of the EP.

In stark contrast, the second track, “Exodus,” wastes no time getting to the drop with in-your-face bass exuding out the speaker straight from the start. Chaotic, unapologetic, and brassy, the track’s anarchic attitude is apparent from the beginning and furthers the storyline present throughout Society.

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The third track and collaboration with relative newcomer Kozmoz from San Diego is “Null,” which lures the listener in with a false sense of security amidst a dramatic introduction and slow build-up. With a cinematic, almost angelic atmosphere, Kozmoz and Panda Eyes turn things around with another pounding drop, this time with a really interesting switch. Glitchy, thrashing, and heavy as anything, “Null” is a standout track on the EP.

Last but certainly not least however is “Wake Up,” the track that expresses the narrative of the EP most clearly through its accompanying video. Surprisingly emotional, the track is incredibly cinematic and powerful on its own, but the original visuals, of course, help to convey the message behind it all even more clearly. Eerie, haunting, and utterly mesmerizing, the voice that shines through towards the end is sure to hit home for many fans. It’s not often we describe a dubstep track as stunning, but “Wake Up” surely is.

With four strong additions to Panda Eyes’ growing catalogue, Society EP will surely go down as a favorite for fans and critics alike. The project is out now via Panda Eyes’ own Panda Eyes Records.

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