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Richie Hawtin Releases A/V Compilation Album 'CLOSE COMBINED'

The compilation splices together visuals and audio from three CLOSED shows in Tokyo, Glasgow and London.
Richie Hawtin Close Combined

Richie Hawtin has released a new audiovisual mix album CLOSE COMBINED (GLASGOW, LONDON, TOKYO - LIVE). The mix contains some tracks by Hawtin, built and deconstructed in his complex DJing, but largely tracks from others like Charlotte De Witte, ANNA and Kaiserdisco that he works to sound a little different.

The new compilation comes in two forms: audio and the visual component. The audio can be streamed on any of your favorite streaming services, but it sticks out as a visual compilation. This uses footage from three shows in Glasgow, London and Tokyo (as the title suggests) and pieces them together. You can see Hawtin takes the various records he is playing and remixes or distorts them in his own way to fit the show. The visual component can be a little disorienting with boxes emerging and closing, but it is a great view into his live show.

“I believe that as our scene has become more popular, the definition of DJing has become more narrow. I want to be as transparent as possible in how, why and what I play in order to bring focus onto the intuitive spontaneity that is at the heart of a great DJ performance,” explains Richie Hawtin in a statement. “CLOSE COMBINED continues my exploration into my own creative tendencies and invite my fans along to get closer to the instinctive impulses that drive my creativity.”

Watch it below and get your copy for the audio component here

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