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Nostalgia Sells: Sony Releasing 40-Year Anniversary Walkmans

They don't actually play cassettes though.
Sony Walkman

Nostalgia sells. Sony has announced a new 40-year anniversary edition of the Walkman.

In 1979, Sony released the Walkman, which allowed people to take their cassettes on the go. It helped propel the cassettes to become the dominant format (for a brief time before CDs came along) and changed the way we listen to music, now with music streamed from a web service on your phone.

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Sony is launching two limited models: the Sony NW-A100TPS and the lower-end Sony NW-A105.

They won’t just be rehashes of the old versions, but will come with a few modern upgrades. The new Walkman doesn’t play cassettes. It is instead Android powered and comes with 16gb of space. The NW-A100 comes in red, orange, ash green, blue and black colors and features a small 3.6-inch touchscreen. The Walkman comes with a headphone jack and is compatible with Bluetooth.

According to Gizmodo, the Walkman will go on sale in December and cost $599 in Australia and €440/£400 in Europe. US dates and prices have not been created yet.

Why anyone would buy this as something more than a collectors item remains to be seen, but maybe it will be cool.

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