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Spotlight: Camping and Sleeping, a Combination Made Easier with Air Mattresses

Today’s new generation air mattresses are way different – and the difference is night and day.
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How many of you have ever used an air mattress back when they became all the rage about 15-20 years ago?

Chances are, if you have, you’ll probably remember how difficult they were to set up, how much time they took to inflate, and how bulky they were to have to lug around – and they probably didn’t even give you a decent night’s sleep.

Plus, there used to be the ever-present danger of the pump they came with conking out, and how easy they develop leaks.

Now, imagine having to camp with these unwieldy monstrosities back then. It would probably drive you batty waiting for oodles and oodles of time before you can set up those old air mattresses.

Fast forward to today.

Today’s new generation air mattresses are way different – and the difference is night and day.

Much of the unwieldiness that plagued earlier generations of air mattresses are a thing of the past. Today’s air mattresses are more streamlined, more efficient, easier to carry around, and a near prerequisite for many a camper or festival-goer.

Air mattresses have become part and parcel of every camper’s essentials, and for good reason: they go a long way in helping to ensure that you sleep soundly and comfortably through the night, regardless of whether you’re an RV camper, a deluxe, first class all the way glamper, or if you enjoy roughing it in the woods with just a tent and some camping supplies.

After all, sleeping well at night helps you replenish your energy and keeps your body in the right form to take on outdoor activities, and prepare yourself for what could be an arduous or busy day ahead.

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It is exactly for this reason why air mattresses remain extremely popular – because you can simply pair a good sleeping bag with a comfortable, reliable air mattress to ensure that you get your Z’s down pat no matter where you decide to pitch your tent.

If you camp at all, or go to outdoor festivals, investing in a good air mattress should be of paramount importance to you.

Now, before you disregard our advice, hear us out.

On All The Stuff’s air mattress overview, we learned that you don’t have to break the bank to get a top quality air mattress. There are air mattresses for every budget and for every purpose – and investing in a good single air mattress for your outdoor needs will be worth every penny it costs...and you will thank yourself the next time you sleep soundly under the stars.

Here are our reasons why we think air mattresses are still the undisputed choice for camping.

Air Mattress Pros

Air mattresses take the cake for the following reasons:

  • Adjustability and comfort. Air mattresses are easily adjustable for those who may prefer, or need a firmer or softer bed – generally at the press of a button.
  • Durability. Today’s air mattresses outclass conventional portable spring mattresses by a country mile when it comes to durability. Air mattresses aren’t prone to sagging as spring mattresses do, and is easily remedied by increasing the volume of air – or by patching any leaks. Try that with a foam mattress!
  • Ease of maintenance. It’s a no-brainer. Today’s air mattresses are composed of materials that are easy to sanitize, and retain no unsavory odors even when used over a long period of time.
  • Portability. New generation air mattresses are much lighter than their older counterparts, and are supremely portable compared to the latter.

Air Mattress Cons

We can only think of a few salient points as to why NOT to purchase an air mattress for camping as follows:

  • Leaks. Air mattresses will always be prone to leaking air, particularly when not used, handled and stored correctly. For instance, a stray twig or stone can easily create cracks, so be sure to do the necessary cleanup prior to setting up and sleeping in.
  • Noise pollution. If we have to nitpick, the sound that most conventional air pumps make will never be mistaken for a peaceful mountain stream.
  • Motion discomfort. Air mattresses tend to move a lot when it is shared by more than one person.

The Verdict

It’s a no-brainer – air mattresses are still the undisputed best sleeping solution for camping. For as long as you find an air mattress that is appropriate for the size of your tent, you can be sure of a good night’s sleep the first time, every time, no matter where you are.

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