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The Director's Cut: Coyu - You Don't Know [Suara]

Coyu breaks down his debut album
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Over the past 10 years, Suara has become one of the biggest labels in electronic music, dominating the tech-house charts and scene release after release. A couple of years ago, big cat Coyu expressed his discontent with tech-house and began moving into techno. It may come as a surprise to many that, after all his success in the industry, he'd never released an album. He recently announced that this was about to change, and fast-forward to today, his debut album You Don't Know has been released. The monstrous 16-track LP has many twists and turns, including collabs with Moby, The Horrorist, and many more. We thought it would be a perfect opportunity to go behind the scenes for an exclusive look at the cliff notes of the album. With so many tracks to cover, Coyu chose 7 to dive into. 

Coyu LP artwork

To get the most out of this feature, press play on the album, and follow along with the notes below.  

You Don’t Know (ft Lazaruzman) - It’s not just the intro but the whole concept of the album. It explains perfectly the kind of album you’re gonna hear. Lazarusman is a fantastic poet and performer, so his lyrics and vocal fit perfectly with what I want to express with the album. I made a club mix but I don’t know if it ever will be released.

The Three Chimneys w/ The Black 80s - I always loved the smokey and dark sound of trip-hop. Massive Attack, Portishead... Nowadays nobody makes this kind of sounds. It kept stuck in the 90s. But since this album is a small reflection of who I am and what kind of music I love, it makes total sense to include a track like “The Three Chimneys”.

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We All Try (ft Mike Leary) - After a beginning of an album full of breaks and slow beats “We All Try” speeds it up with a solid groove and small vocal cuts. I would say its introspective house. Very deep, melodic and even melancholic, the only track which is not techno or electronica/broken beat of the whole album.


I May Be Dead But One Day The World Will Be Beautiful Again (ft Moby) - I hope this collab with Moby will touch many people. This track (and its video clip) explains how we’re destroying the World, killing billions of animals and poisoning ourself. We’re living hard moments and it is time to change things to make this planet a better place, it's time to wake up!

Waking Up From Anxious Dreams (Metamorphosis) - Love the energy of drum n bass. It has the power to change my mood. I may be sad but after listening to the first beat it makes me wanna jump. This is my first attempt of making a dnb track, but since liquid is my fav sub-genre it was pretty easy to make. It matches great with minimalist techno. Everybody jump!

“Happiness? Go Ahead”I always have been a big fan of UK Techno from late 90s and early 00s. Surgeon, Regis, James Ruskin... Aggressive, dark, noisy & raw broken techno. I like the mix between the industrial groove and the distorted vocal. This is a kind of track that would work great at Berghain.

Volare - Volare means “flying”. and that’s exactly what I tried with this minimalistic acid techno track. Very progressive, very driving... and very 90s. Like the rest of the album, it pays tribute to the techno I most loved when I was in my early 20s: Mika Vainio, Robert Hood, Dan Bell, Plastikman…

You Don't Know is available now via Suara Music. Grab it here

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