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Watch: Aphex Twin's 2-Hour Set From London's Printworks During Red Bull Music Festival

See Aphex Twin in high definition with the official footage of his show in London that features some unreleased music.
Aphex Twin Printworks Red Bull Music Festival

Aphex Twin has done a handful of live shows this year and the videos emerging from them have all looked wild. Over the weekend on September 14, he played at Printworks in London as part of Red Bull Music Festival London. The entire affair was live streamed on Red Bull Music, but even better is that Aphex Twin uploaded the footage of the set to YouTube.

This was Aphex Twin’s first club show in London in 10 years. He worked with longtime collaborator Weirdcore again to create the visuals for the show. There have been videos of his shows over the past year posted online by fans, but this is the first official and high-quality one you will see.

Spend the next two hours watching and enjoying this set. 

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Tracklist is below, which features some unreleased Aphex Twin. 

1 unreleased afx.
2 muta-leo anibaldi
3 ozone breakdown 90 [uprising]-renegade soundwave
4 meltdown-quartz
5 the answer[frankie bones mix]-equation
6 rubba dub prelude-bang the party
7 the phantom- renegade soundwave
8 freer than free-octagon man
9 hip this house[leon lee] -shadows j
10 lethal weapon-exocet
11 techno trance[paradise is now]- d shake
12 circles[hyperactive mix- john&julie
13 put your fucking hands in the air- the unknown
14 stratosphere-trigger
15 pulse state-Fsol
16 the dream- 2 kilos
17 D1- gescom
18 joy- dj doktor megatrip
19 mad monks on zinc-holy ghost 20 ur my people- underground resistance.
21 plutonic-bizarre inc
22 becoming -ye gods
23 clique of tough women-hound scales
24 chambara-yuji kondo
25 sallow myth-HVL
26 is this happening-martyn hare
27 fork rave- aphex twin
28 T16.5 MADMA with nastya- afx
29 vidd-octagon man
30 trigger finger-zuli
31 disposable killer-Stanislav Tolkachev
32 pluralism-Katsunori Sawa
33 umil 25-01-aphex twin
34 mini live set
34 12 november-aqxdm
34.5 untitled [GBBL01]-unknown artist
35 unreleased squarepusher
36 stone in focus- aphex twin
37 black-dj ss
38 dance on the bones-torn
39 stick 3-the higher
40 truth over falsehood-fusion
41 bad man tune chatta b
42 dead communication-current value
43 Orbtro Avearro

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