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Watch: Max Cooper's Mesmerizing Reach For Infinity On New "Repetition" Video

Watch the way the world unfolds in its infinite repetitions.
Max Cooper

Max Cooper has released the music video for his track “Repetition,” lifted from his upcoming album Yearning For The Infinite.

The mesmerizing video captures the essence of his music and plays right into both the song title and the album title.

It shows the various parts of the man-made world and in nature where things are repeated on a massive scale, from vast uniform buildings to large landforms in nature and highways swirling without end.

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The transition and speed of the repetition starts slowly and eventually speeds up to the end of the video. It is calming to watch all of this repetition in our world unfold in front of your eyes.

“I wanted to make something huge and intense for the new live show, so I went for a project attempting to visualize the infinite and its links to us in our everyday lives. For every chapter of the story I found a different technique to approach it, in this case, the simple idea of repetition. Apply it, and we have a form of infinity. This was also a natural fit for my music, where I had a nice excuse to push the repetitive boat out even more than usual. I kept it very stripped back to focus on the idea, with slow evolution and occasional variants to maintain some melodic engagement,” explains Max Cooper in a statement.

“Visually, I was lucky to get to work with one of my favorite artists, Kevin McGlouglin, where we told the human side of the story, our endless pursuit of growth and ‘progress,’ our duplication of built form and expanding cities, looking to an unbounded future of urban sprawl. It was an audio-visualization encompassing the project title "Yearning for the Infinite". But despite our society-endangering issues around human consumption and sustainability, it wasn't supposed to be a doom scenario. We tried that musically and it didn't seem to fit. There was a back and forth on the ideas and their musical and visual representation, and what worked was something that for me seems more focused on the worth of our endless striving than its possible role in our downfall.”

Yearning For The Infinite will be released on November 7. Born out of a commission by The Barbican, a UK outfit dedicated to pushing artist boundaries, the album Yearning For The Infinite is an album scored to a visual story and an A/V live show.

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