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One of the more enigmatic and unique figures in electronic music, Moodymann has developed a cult following for his Djing persona and great and rare records. Mixmag caught up with him for a documentary on Moodmann, which features interviews with the DJ, Mike Banks, Traci Washington, Amp Fiddler and more.

The documentary goes into the origins of Moodymann as a person and as a musician, who took cues from his musician father and his grandfather who owned a club that Moodymann started to work for at the age of 9. Moodymann says his time working at a Buy-Rite Music helped shape him, where he could meet other DJs, see what they were playing and what didn’t work.

He talks about his label Mahogany Records and how everything is made in Detroit, pressed in Detroit at Archer Records and put out to the world from Detroit. His first time overseas was to DJ in Paris and he recalls not really comprehending they wanted to bring him over to DJ and remembers the crowd being all white, but they still knew his records.

“I am the best warm-up DJ there is… I am like your parents. I am going to give you what you need,” he explains. A large portion of the video is Giles Peterson interviewing Moodymann.

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Moodymann has also announced a new collaboration with New Era, which include his famed bucket hats and adjustable hats. He discusses the collab in the documentary. 

New Era Moodymann Hats Vinyl
New Era Moodymann Hat Collaboration
New Era Moodymann Hat Vinyl Record Store

Production credits: Director: Louis Ellison
Director of Photography: Luke de la Nougerede
Edit: Clockwise Film
A Mixmag Production

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