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LUXXURY and Adeline, Tonbe, Yuksek, the return of Lifelike and more are here to add some heat to your chilly weather events. As always, all 15 disco and funk tracks are great and in no particular order. 

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1. Alex Rossi - Tutto Va Bene Quando Facciamo L'amore (Yuksek DSKOTK Remix)

Yuksek is hitting all the disco notes with his sexy remix of Alex Rossi's Italo-Disco track. The synths are amped up and compliment the original steamy vocals perfectly. Tutto Va Bene translates to All Is Well, and all is certainly well with this remix!

2. Paul Older - Finky Doo

Paul Older is back with his fine EP Street Pocket for Slightly Transformed. "Finky Doo" is heavy on the retro 70's funk, just how we like it! "Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance" is the chant here and that is exactly what you will do!

3. MrTimothy & Inaya Day - Hands Up

You just can't go wrong on a track with Inaya Day's powerhouse vocals! She is a veteran in the electronic music scene and her partnership with MrTimothy is no exception! Wha wha guitars open the track and Inaya's vocals purr over the funky bassline. This track will absolutely take your party to the next level! Put Your Hands Up! 

4. George Kelly - A Disco Thang 

"A Disco Thang" is a pure ray of sunshine. Sweet strings play over a nice funk bassline, with just enough knob-twiddling to add a touch of synths. George Kelly always knows how to bring the disco without it sounding derivative, rather bringing a little joy to your life! 

5. Art Of Tones - At The Club In Lagos

Art of Tones has added a little afro to their disco sensibilities with "At The Club In Lagos." This track has plenty of deeper disco/funk sexiness to create the heat. "Hey, I really like the way you move" too! You might end up with fewer clothes with this one playing!

6. LUXXURY - Change Yr Mind feat. Adeline (LUXXURY Edit)

Robin Blake is back to spice up his own track "Change Yr Mind" from a few months back and makes it super dancefloor-ready. Adeline's vocal is a bit tempered in this version and Robin's own take the lead. The groove is strong with this one!

7. Lifelike - Italo Disco

With cowbell and handclaps to get this groove going, you know you are in for a treat from Lifelike! Lifelike is another veteran in the electronic music scene and it's great to have him back producing quality disco, this time on the Future Disco label. Giorgio Moroder would be proud of his influence on this track.

8. Tonbe - I Don't Belong To You

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Tonbe is a busy, busy boy! Rarely does a month go by where he isn't producing some of the hottest disco tracks in the industry. Congas, a sexy female vocal, some Moog keys, hot brass, and a pure funk bassline round out a disco track that gives itself plenty of space.

9. Natasha Kitty Katt & Yam Who? - Into Your Life feat. Jacqui George

Natasha Kitty Katt teams up with Midnight Riot! label head Yam Who? to give us a straight-up disco jam. Jacqui George provides some mighty fine vocals around the 2:25 mark, adding another layer of texture to "Into Your Life." "You can be happy just like me" is the mantra, and I am on board!

10. Kostenko Brothers - Funking Music

"Funking Music" is burning inside me too, courtesy of Kostenko Brothers. This track is sure to keep the groove moving at your next get together. The track is simple and breezy, but with just enough punch to keep it hot!

11. Golden Dawn Arkestra - Cosmic Dancer (JKriv Remix)

JKriv is back to add his special disco-flavored mix to the Afrobeat "Cosmic Dancer." This track even gives us a little bit of Acid around the 4-minute mark. This track will be a crowd favorite at the end of a crazy night of dancing.

12. Edgar Blanco - Tonight Is Party Time

"Tonight Is Party Time" is just that, a party in 7:48. Edgar Blanco provides us a slightly 80's tinged bit of funk, with plenty of 70's disco to balance it out. Add a sweet group of female vocals and you have the perfect recipe for the dancefloor. You will find this on an excellent EP for Slightly Transformed.

13. FINAL DJS - Feel The Heat

"I want to see you dance" is the opening lyric to this lovely little jam and you will do just that! Sebastian Stuetz brings the heat with smooth keys and a fun altered vocal, giving just a hint of Chromeo. This is a track that will make you long for sunnier days or inspire you to go to a place in the world where the beach beckons you.

14. Jean Tonique & Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue - Flawless Feat. Adeline

The combination of artists on this track is a pure slam dunk! Adeline brings the diva factor to the perfect marriage of Jean Tonique and Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue. You will find this track brought to you by the newly formed Toucan Sounds label.  

15. Paco Versailles - Ventura Highway

An ethereal remake of a true 70's classic, Paco Versailles' version makes you want to take the top down and drive! Smooth as silk, his version of "Ventura Highway" is truly a breath of fresh air. 

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