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Summer 2019 was a hot one, figuratively and literally! As the Northern hemisphere gets ready for sweaters and boots, we are going to keep getting down like a warm sandy beach is right outside our door. 

1. La Felix - Do You Feel It

This song starts with rain, so the only thing that needs to be said is "Do You Feel It" is a sexy jam! La Felix uses an altered vocal to compliment the chimes, bass and bright synths that drive this disco/funk burner. Hot stuff!

2. The Silver Rider - Tonite

Just back from a tour of Mexico and Columbia, The Silver Rider drops this smokin' hot track on SoundCloud for free! "Tonight" is full of super sexy female-powered vocals, think classic adult entertainment here folks. This track is feathered hair, spandex, roller skates, and satin shirts all rolled into one. So good!

3. Moon Boots - You Won’t See Me Cry feat. Little Boots

And just when I thought I couldn't get any happier, Pete Doughtery returns with his amazing LP Bimini Road, with an always welcome Little Boots! "You Won't See Me Cry" could have easily been a Moroder/Summer collaboration. Victoria Hekseth's vocal delivery again shows that you can make unhappy subject matter sound fun and dancey. These "Boots" are another dream team I didn't even know I needed!

4. Dave Mathmos - Boogie Boogie, Disco Disco (Dave Mathmos Blended Mix)

Dave Mathmos has taken the classic track "Bourgie, Bourgie" and stylized it for the modern-day dancefloor. With Gladys Knight's vocals stripped back and the backing vocals left behind, the track feels light and airy. People love to use the term bougie today, but this track proves that what was old is new again!

5. Yuksek - The Rollercoaster

Yuksek is one of the most in-demand DJ's on the scene right now, so to get a new track that is this hot is an absolute thrill! "The Rollercoaster" has the perfect slow build to the 1:34 mark where the ride really begins! Congas and strings guide the way, and the track plays just like a roller coaster ride, it slows down just long enough to peak your anticipation, then off it goes again to a very satisfying finish. 

6. ADLR - Daydream

ADLR has a breezy jazz guitar vibe to his playing, but the super funky bassline brings "Daydream" straight to the dancefloor. Will Adler has fun with some trippy synths through the middle of the track but favors the jammy bass to finish out the track. "Daydream" is a nice breath of fresh air.

7. Flevans - Revival

"Revival" feels like it would have been very comfortable on the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. The 70's vibes are so strong for Flevans that it's hard to know whether this track is old or new, without ever sounding like a copycat. Flevans just has disco in his blood, so his music can't come out any other way. This track is pure fire.

8. C. Da Afro - Toes On Fire

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Your toes will be on fire too after dancing to this pure disco/funk gem! C. Da Afro is back with "Toes On Fire," a slight departure into the funkier side of the dancefloor. Released this time on Mango Sounds, this bass-heavy jam will keep your party going strong. 

9. Tonbe - Freaky Situation

Tonbe is back with the very funky "Freaky Situation." Leaning more heavily on deep funk basslines than the brighter disco we are used to from Tonbe, the track has a fantastic end of summer feel. Even though summer has to end, the funk never does!

10. Sharam Jey - 4 Your Mind (Dub)

Sharam Jey is a veteran of the dance scene and plays more with the tech-house sound, which is why it was a wonderful surprise to get this fine disco dub, released on Nervous Records. This track is loaded with shiny strings, bumpin' bass, hand claps, wha wha guitars, and all things that make disco great! 

11. Cho and Random Impetus - Brother Sister

Straight out of New York, the debut track by Cho and Random Impetus is a powerful call to humanity for social change. The record is all local musicians and recorded in analog, giving the track a very old school 70's vibe. Once again brought to us by the good folks at Gouranga, I think Cho and Random Impetus have a very bright future.

12. Tatsuro Yamashita - Paper Doll (Sould Out Edit)

You probably don't know Tatsuro Yamashita's original track "Paper Doll" from 1978, and we are fortunate that Sould Out saw the potential in this classic soul track to modernize it for today's audience. The vocals have been sped up slightly to give the singer an androgynous sound. The track is slinky, sexy, and full of funk, perfect for a chill cocktail party. 

13. J&M Brothers - Can You Feel It

"Can You Feel It" is going to make you throw your hands in the air and praise the almighty disco ball above! Don't let the very folk song, walking through a field cover art fool you, this is a dancefloor burner through and through! J&M Brothers also own disco label Good Stuff Recordings, so expect to hear a lot more great stuff from this Spanish duo.

14. Ubblahkan - Odyssey (Art Of Tones Remix) 

Let's just call this one Afro Disco. Art of Tones have taken Ubblahkan's chill house vibe track "Odyssey" and added some disco sparkle. The vocal is toned down slightly and some slinky synths, jammy rhythm guitars, and funky bass lines have been added to heat up the original vibe of this track. This is a trip you will want to go on!

15. NFC - The Hot Pips

"The Hot Pips" is a sexy synth journey through a disco space wonderland. A nice little Gladys Knight vocal sample creeps in around the 2:40, which gives the track just a little extra flavor without being overly derivative of the original track from whence it came. Mexico seems to be teeming with talented producers of disco/funk music and I am glad to showcase another fine talent.

Make sure to check out the SoundCloud playlist mix below!

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