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You didn’t think Indie Discotheque was going to let you go a month without the new indie dance tracks, did you? Of course, we wouldn’t let that happen. Let’s get moving with the best in indie and alternative dance music for the month of September. It might be getting cooler outside, but these tracks are hot!

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1. Blue Material - Personal

I wasn’t expecting a track like this to reach out and grab me the way it has, but here we are leading off this month’s list of indie dance with this heavily filtered piece from Blue Material, a supremely smooth song urging us to not take it personally. Don’t worry, I won’t.

2. Isle & Fever - Enuff

When is enough, enough? It’s the topic explored in this upbeat dance track from Isle & Fever, who has found a great balance in the composition of this piece, accenting just the right amount of synthetic to complement the natural.

3. Honors - Automatic

Opening in a wonderfully dark and droning atmosphere, we get a fulfilling introduction that draws us into the song ahead. When the track falls away and we have a simplified, exposed vocal with a pitch bending bass drone as a backdrop, it's as if I’m propelled into a vast space before I’m caught up into the beat again.

4. Dansu - State of Mind

I’m always enamored by the playfulness of the music of Dansu, and this latest song from the band wholeheartedly comes into our lives and keeps that level of wonder alive. Such a joy to listen to, always.

5. TR/ST - Destroyer

The acoustic basis of this song has brought TR/ST into a new dimension, stripping down the project’s emotion into a rawness that we don’t find in previous works from the project. While the tempo runs a bit high for what I would expect of a track of this composition, but you can’t deny the brilliance of it.

6. The Academic - Superlike

It’s the atmospheric guitar work that has drawn me into this piece from The Academic. A pop song at its core, the catchiness is perfect for the dance floor, while you can still allow yourself to be swept away and leave everything behind.

7. Robyn - Ever Again (Soulwax Remix)

Soulwax, man. For real. To take a legend like Robyn, strip down this track that is fantastic on its own in its original composition, and transform it into a piece so clearly Soulwax. Such brilliance.

8. Declan Welsh & the Decadent West - How Does Your Love

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The introduction announces itself in an attention-demanding way, then the tempo kicks in with these vocals, squeaky clean percussion, and grooving bass work and we’re moving forward. The chorus of the track feels so good, I just have to listen to it again.

9. Upsahl - Smile for the Camera

The tempo of the track is confident. The cleanliness and clarity of the production in the music are confident. And my goodness, the vocals in this track are confident, demanding, and tell you straight up the way it's going to be.

10. Mannequin Online - So Cool (Frills Remix)

This song isn’t so cool just because Mannequin Online tells you it is, it's because the composition and production of this remix by Frills brings an added groove and danceability that only enhance the coolness factor. And that clap track. Also the clap track.

11. Uffie - Weed & Drum Machine

Oh my goodness, this distorted bass is where it’s at. While Uffie continues to experiment with her music and determine where she’s going next, all we can do is sit back, chill, and enjoy what she has going on with “Weed & Drum Machine.” It’s a simplistic brilliance I need more of.

12. Sego - Where Have All the Cowboys Gone feat. Leah Wellbaum

I never thought I’d hear this song remade with such groove. I love the creativity in the vocal variety and effects. Leah Wellbaum’s performance is commendable. I appreciate how the instrumentation is clear and discernible while maintaining a level of unpolished grit and imperfection.

13. Yacht - Sad Money

Yacht keeps putting out the jams. Another trademark track from the duo with the groove and pace that we expect. I love the pacing of the song, how it breaks down and resumes. The styling of the bass guitar is my definition of ideal. The percussion arrangement keeps the interest and momentum going.

14. Mackintosh - In the Ocean

The combination of guitar grit and brass performance is where it's at, and the vocal presentation also has a performance style that reminds me of Hot Chip with a sprinkle of the Beach Boys. I love it. Let’s make our way out into the ocean.

15. Midi Matilda - Get Around It

Once again, Midi Matilda brings us more indie dance perfection, with a super catchy melody that keeps your interest across the song. Vocal variety with verses in falsetto, deep harmonization that helps us get around, and tempo that simply isn't slowing down.

Listen to the whole playlist below!

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