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Review: Nils Frahm Connects The Pieces On Ambient, Soaring Album 'All Encores'

Nils Frahm puts together his Encores Vol. 1, Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 EPs into one harmonious album.
Nils Frahm Sydney Opera House

Nils Frahm has released his new compilation / album All Encores. Compiling the three EPs he released earlier this year, All Encores gives a more complete picture as to how this procession of new music should be heard.

The album goes in order starting with the five track Vol. 1, four track Vol. 2 and then three track Vol. 3, rising like a pyramid in the sky. The album also builds that way with the ambient base providing the groundwork for this album and a familiar place to start. These songs came out of recording for his 2018 LP All Melody, so the similarities are there.

Then it builds with some more energy and urgency as the LP progresses into the final track of Vol. 2, “Spells” with its hypnotic fluttering strings and synths. Each individual EP was supposed to represent different themes. Encores 1 was acoustic with an emphasis on soft piano, while Encores 2 was filled with soft, flowing ambient records and Encores 3 expanded into more percussive and electronic elements.

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Even if those sound like they can contrast, there is harmoniousness to this record. It is like getting the pieces to a puzzle that doesn’t work at first, but matches beautifully in the end. The pyramid grows from soft piano tracks, to ambient records and then through “Spells,” into the glitchier, electronic tracks. The EPs were each brilliant, but all together All Encores is the complete package. 

Listen to the album and get your copy on digital or physical here via Erased Tapes.

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