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Album Review: Steve Hauschildt 'Nonlin'

Steve Hauschildt isn't close to slowing down with his new album 'Nonlin.'
Steve Hauschildt

Steve Hauschildt has spent the past decade putting out nearly an album a year, evolving his sound into one of the more evocative synth-led artists today. Today, he joins Ghostly for his second album, releasing his new LP Nonlin.

Hauschildt has developed a reputation for soothing, atmospheric productions. They often bridge the gap between synthwave and ambient without getting lost in themselves. Nonlin expands on some of those ideas into a more experimental realm, but remains grounded on those principles.

The LP starts out with the aptly titled “Cloudless” -- a soft and soothing sonic journey like bathing in warm rays on sunshine on a beautiful day. That sense of weightlessness carries into “Subtractive Skies” and “A Planet Left Behind,” where you finally soar above everyone on the ground to see the beauty of our planet, but also the simmering destruction ravaging its surface.

His last album Dissolvi finished with a sense of urgency and almost desperation with drums and crunchy fx that starts to creep in. Those same themes come to the fore with “Attractor B.” The beauty of his synth compositions comes back with “The Nature Remaining,” but the title track “Nonlin” is the sort of glitchy, experimental stuff that is starting to develop in his music.

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He leans back into the soothing, dreamlike synth music that feels like one final journey through space, before a tumultuous ending, which reflects the song titles, slowly becoming darker and more menacing about the state of our planet.

The ending gives us the chaotic destruction that has been hinted at in this record. As the title would hint, it spirals deeper downward with each passing note until the song and album are finished. Given how America is spiraling in this same manner it feels like a fitting song for our age.

Hauschildt has been on a tear this decade, releasing almost an album a year. Normally with that type of output, there are duds in the process, but he finds a way to evolve his production and remain as potent as ever.

Stream the full album below and get your copy here via Ghostly.

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