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Review: Tourist Releases Blissful, Cohesive New Album 'Wild'

Tourist is at his best with his second album of 2019.

Tourist has released his new album Wild. His second of the year, Wild finds itself still in Tourist’s musical sweet spot, but also becomes more expansive sounding.

Just like his past two albums, Emily and U, Wild is ten tracks, which keeps it concise, but also allows him to explore different themes sonically. If there is a comparison to his past work, Wild replicates the magic from U with larger flowing melodies, piano and strings, whereas Emily was a glitchier and more experimental work.

The album opens with the soothing and celestial “And So, You Were,” which feels a bit like Andrew Bayer’s 2012 album If It Were You, We Would Never Leave. We are reintroduced to the glitchy fx he uses on vocals and the soft melodies that are omnipresent in his records. The album then heads to the dancefloor with “Elixir,” which is underpinned by a strong beat and fluttering synths. That sort of buoyancy is continued with “Bunny” as celestial strings and soft cooing creates the feeling of a church choir on Christmas morning that is ready to dance.

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“So” gives a unique spin on his tracks with more aggressive synths and a feeling of a vintage Jon Hopkins track. Wild is more upbeat than Emily, but it does provide for some softer moments like “Fiction,” which serves as an interlude during the album or “11.12,” which ushers in the final few songs.

This then transitions into “Kin,” which unfolds with dramatic splendor, meshing occasional vocal shouts and lush harmonies as strings, piano and a synth arpeggio all come together.

One continued talent Tourist continues to show is his ability to make cohesive albums. The projects feel self-contained and can rotate on repeat without losing a step. There is a togetherness in his albums that are rare in electronic music. Wild is no different and even more impressive considering it is his second album of 2019. 

Get your copy of the album here.

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