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Beatsource Launches Into Public Beta

Beatsource is now officially available to all who want to get started with their open-format offerings.
Beatsource home page

Beatport’s new open-format play Beatsource has entered public Beta. A joint venture between Beatport and DJ City, Beatsource seeks to serve an underserved market of the DJ pool.

Going beyond the standard DJ digital stores that typically only have electronic music, Beatsource will provide DJs with Hip Hop, R&B, Latin, Dance, Pop, and Reggae/Dancehall. 

It puts the often opaque and closed off promo practice with open-format DJs out into the open so anyone can be a part of it.

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“Beatsource will bring DJ culture to the forefront of the music industry by giving us a seat at the table. With upcoming products like LINK and PROMO, Beatsource will become a staple of the global DJ community for years to come” said Edwin Paredes, AKA DJ Phenom, CMO of Beatsource, and Program Director of Sirius XM’s Globalization Ch. 13.

In addition to Beatsource, Beatport is launching its own streaming service LINK with Beatsource so DJs can access what is on Beatsource through LINK. Beatport has already announced a slew of integrations with LINK like with Virtual DJ and Denon DJ. Like LINK, Beatsource is also launching Beatsource PROMO, an exclusive subscription tier for professional DJs.

Head to Beatsource's website to get more information and start getting tracks.

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