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Burning Man Announces 2020 Theme: Multiverse

Hindsight 2020 would have also been a good theme for Burning Man.

The dust has barely settled on the 2019 gathering in the Playa, but Burning Man has already announced its theme for 2020. This upcoming year, Burning Man will celebrate space, science and the extraordinary with the theme Multiverse.

According to the Burning Man Journal, they will explore “the quantum kaleidoscope of possibility, the infinite realities of the multiverse, and our own superpositioning as actors and observers in the cosmic Cacophony of resonant strings.”

“It’s an invitation to ponder the real, the surreal and the pataphysical, and a chance to encounter our alternate selves who may have followed, or are following, or will follow different decision-paths to divergent Black Rock City realities,” continues Burning Man.

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If you have seen Interstellar or Man In The High Castle, you will be familiar of the concept of the multiverse: a potential infinitely number of universes, which comprise of all that exists. The science behind it is still a work in progress and quite theoretical. One main theory is that what lies beyond the visible light 13.7 billion light year away may be other universes. Another is of parallel universes with more dimensions that just the four we can perceive (see Interstellar).

With so much still unknown, it will make for an exciting Burn with all of the possibilities for parallel universes, shifts in time and more. 

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