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Caribou Releases First Single In Five Years "Home"

Dan Snaith is still not saying if there is an album on the way.

Caribou is back. The brainchild of Dan Snaith, the Canadian producer is back with some new Caribou music five years after his spectacular album Our Love. Today he has released a new single “Home.”

The new single offers a very different sound from we heard on Our Love. It has an almost bluesy feel to it with elements of jazz and disco flourishes. Instead of the lo-fi electronic beats, “Home” is more organic with horns, strings guitar and real drums, while working around the sample for Gloria Barnes “Home.” Pick up a copy here.

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Snaith explains now he used the same for this record.

“I'm always listening to lots of music and sometimes a loop just jumps out at me - it's too perfect. That's how it was with Gloria Barnes' 'Home' - I kept returning to it, meaning to do something with it but not knowing what,” explains Caribou. “Sometimes making music feels like a process I'm in charge of ... but there other times, when things just present.”

Caribou hasn’t announced a new album as of yet, but there is a big tour around Europe and North America coming spring 2020. With the tour and new music, it seems very likely an album is on its way, but they want to tease the news one bit at a time for maximum exposure.

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