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City Guide: London With Jungle

Words and photos by Jungle
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The weekend is over, but the travel bug is alive and well. This time, we head to one of the world's greatest metropolitan cities, London. Our guides are none other than Jungle, the UK duo who went from another bedroom DJ group to world touring 7-piece live-act collective in two years. Recently, they were called upon by none other than legendary DJ and producer Nick Warren for the latest installment of his equally legendary 'Back To Mine' series. The mix delves through the band’s personal collection of leftfield-pop, deep house, modern jazz, Afro-funk, and symphonic soul, perfect for those post-club/rave sessions.

Words and photos by Jungle


We all like a good drink, so where are the top spots to head to before a night out?

Garlic and Shots in Soho are pretty lively and is full of some excellent characters. We’ve had many pre-night gatherings there.


Where can you find the best clubs / late-night venues in town?

We love Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston. It has really good cocktails, its tucked away off the main street & the place is open late. And of course, the music is always on point.

Brunches are a weekend staple, which spots stand out to you?

Mare Street Market in Hackney is banging, the food is so good and there’s a great record shop in there too.


Best dirty late-night street food option?

Beigel Bake Bagel shop in Brick Lane which is open 24 hours. A lifesaver after a night out. Who doesn’t love a late-night bagel?

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Where can we shop for records and music memorabilia in London?

Our go-to choices are Sounds of the Universe and Phonica, where you can unearth some absolute gems.


Your Sunday escape plan when you need to get away from it all?

We tend to lock ourselves away in the studio & make some beats, whether it be solo or with the entire band.

Something everyone should do when visiting London, but probably hasn’t?

Would definitely recommend M&M World in Leicester Square. It’s amazing.

A track that reminds you of your childhood in the city? 

What are other great exports that come from London?

There’s too many to list really, London is an incredible city. It has always created music pioneers and is at the forefront of fashion, culture, and art.

A gift you can’t leave London without taking home for friends?

An I love London t-shirt, just for jokes.

Back to Mine by Jungle is released 18th October on Back To Mine. Grab it here

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