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Crowd-Sourced Clubbing Resource Techno Traveling Map Turning Into App Clubeling

The app has launched in a limited beta.
Clubeling App Phone

A couple of years ago, a map plotting the best house and techno clubs around the world went viral. Now the creator is bringing this idea to an app.

Now called Clubeling (formerly knows as The Techno Traveller Map), the map brings together 665 contributors (and counting) to spotlight 315 clubs in 38 countries. If you are traveling and want a good club to hit on a big night out, this can be your resource.

Creator Matthieu Rodrigues wanted this to be a tool for a community that is “accessible to all” where users can answer questions about clubbing around the world.

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In a statement via DJ Mag, the app’s main focus is to “"share clubs that mainly play house and techno music.”

Clubeling is being launched into a private beta for 500 users. They hope to gain some information from the first users and then a public beta will come at some point. Users are encouraged to include new clubs on the app they think warrant it. Sign up for the beta here.

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