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Fabric Releasing 20-Year Anniversary Compilation With All New Music By Sasha, Nina Kraviz, Special Request

fabric continues to celebrate 20 years in existence with a compilation of all new music.
20 Years Of Fabric Compilation

Over the course of 2019, fabric has celebrated 20 years in existence with a slew of parties. This milestone was underscored by the club nearly getting permanently shut down three years ago, if not for a major push from the industry and fans. Now its label, Fabric Records is also taking part with a new compilation titled 20 Years Of fabric. The 20 track compilation includes all new music from 20 different artists who have been key to fabric’s history.

Among those who have contributed new music include Sasha, Nina Kraviz, Special Request, Daniel Avery, B.Traits and Cassy. The compilation will be up into two different parts: fabric and FABRICLIVE, representing different genres that Fabric has hosted.

The music ranges from house and techno on the fabric compilation to more drum and bass, dubstep and heavier dance music on FABRICLIVE. Just as fabric has hosted a myriad of genres over its thousands of parties, there is also plenty of different styles on this compilation.

20 Years of fabric will be released on December 6. To go along with the compilation, there will be a series of anniversary parties this month with some of the artists on the compilation. Pre-order the comp here and see the full tracklist.

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1/ A1 - Nina Kraviz - Da [fabric]
2/ A2 - Steffi - Ankertje [fabric]
3/ A3 - IMOGEN – Bizant [fabric]
4/ B1 - Marcel Dettmann - Taste 2.0 [fabric]
5/ B2 - Cassy - Joey [fabric]
6/ B3 - Anastasia Kristensen - Go Getter [fabric]
7/ C1 - Margaret Dygas - Zeitgeist [fabric]
8/ C2 - Call Super – Echothread [fabric]
9/ D1 - Maya Jane Coles - Reason [fabric]
10/ D2 - Sasha - Comet Chaser [fabric]


1/ A1 - Special Request - Codename Turbo Nutter [FABRICLIVE]
2/ A2 - Source Direct – Vigilante [FABRICLIVE]
3/ B1 - J. Majik - The Lost Tribe [FABRICLIVE]
4/ B2 - Shackleton - Drawn and Quartered [FABRICLIVE]
5/ B3 - Pinch & Trim - That Wasn't It [FABRICLIVE]
6/ C1 - Daniel Avery - Whilst We've Got Metal In Our Blood [FABRICLIVE]
7/ C2 - Mantra – Embers [FABRICLIVE]
8/ C3 - B.Traits – Mameya [FABRICLIVE]
9/ D1 - Groove Armada - Wesley Nightshade [FABRICLIVE]
10/ D2 - UNKLE - Catch Me When I Fall (fabric Club Mix) [FABRICLIVE]

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