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How It Was Made: Andres Campo - Dan Says [Ei8ht]

Words and photos by Andres Campo

Recently, Andres Campo released a new 4-track EP on his EI8HT Records, a collaborative label with Eats Everything. Seeing as this was his first release on his new imprint, and one that we love so much, we invited him for a new edition of How It Was Made. Below, he gives us a breakdown of the tools and steps he used to create the EP. 

Words and photos by Andres Campo 


All the tracks were made in my studio, currently a small room in my house in Barcelona. I wanted to bring back some old sounds from the past and build a strong EP for our collab label EI8HT and for that, I used a lot of sampling, also some of my machines and a lot of UAD Plugins and Ableton live. Here I’ll give a breakdown of each track for you guys!

Track: 2late

As this was the first track on the EP, I made this one a powerful one. I started with some layers for the kick/bass and then built a solid groove. I used my TR-8S for all the hi-hats and Maschine for all the groovy sounds and percussive elements. It's a simple track with not a lot going on (sometimes I think that's the best way), and the main break is long and has a pad that comes from my lovely Roland SH-01a. Claps and the snares also come from the TR8, and of course not forgetting the vocal sample that repeats along the entire track. Done! Looks easy, but I spent most of the time on the groove, once it was ready the rest was easy.


Track: Value

I think it sounds a little like Pachamama right? The groove construction has similar elements. It's a hard kick sampled and a line of toms from the 909 doing the bassline. Again, this is also a simple track (less is more – remember that!) and the hook is an old school sample. I wanted to use some tools and samples from my past throughout this EP and I rescued some from my old Akai Z4 sampler. This one is one that is well known. Simple in construction, a few cool elements, and a basic structure, and that's sometimes the best for DJs

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Track: Bonus

This is a special track for me. When I was young, I used to play tons of times The King Of House – ‘Bonus’ from 1993.

It's one of my favorite vinyl ever, and it was made by Dimas, also known as D-Formation. I contacted him to ask for his permission to make a ‘remix’ and he said yes. (Thanks, my friend!). I chopped up some parts and I made a new version from the epic original tune. So, it’s basically sampling with kick and groove elements from Digitakt and also processed with electron heat for that punchy sound. Happy to rework a track which is a childhood gem for me.


Track: Harder

This is probably one of the most different tracks of all on the EP and for me as a producer. Dan chose it for the 4 on the EP and it's the most vaporous of all. I used a Digitakt and electron heat for the groove and the crunchy sound it has. The synth line which runs on the whole track is from an SH-01a - I love this synth so much! Some chords from my Roland Se-02 are also included on this track. I set up all the arrangement and I recorded the automation of the synths on the fly (mostly filter, resonance, and amp envelope). I use this most of the time, it’s better than painting on Ableton, the flow is more human and alive.


Overall, I wanted to produce more dancefloor orientated tracks, so I tried to keep straight and focus on the groove, as you can hear there aren’t a huge number of elements to any of the tracks, but I think sometimes we can all make things too complicated. I hope everyone likes the final result!

Grab your copy of Dan Says here.

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