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How It Was Made: Demuir - To Be A Star [Purveyor Underground]

Demuir takes us into the study to explain how he made his new EP 'To Be A Star.'

Welcome back to another edition of our exclusive How It Was Made feature, where your favorite artists break down the tools and tricks used to create your favorite records. This time, we are joined by Canadian house star Demuir, who walks through his latest To Be A Star EP on his Purveyor Underground.


Words and photos by Demuir

I've always been fascinated by this vocal and wanted to make a battle-esque track to play out and was so happy when Carlo Lio agreed to remix it! The vocal is from an obscure 80s hip-hop record and every line rips fantastically. It makes it a perfect track for your haters and punters.

pic 1 - ART pre-amp

I usually patch my MiniBrute through this lovely pre-amp by ART. It's intended to act as a mic pre-amp, but the colors offered from the actual tubes installed are killer on the see-saw like bassline in the track. This is usually one of the first pieces of kit I turn on the studio along with any other analogue synths, which I usually let warm up for about an hour before I go to work.

Arturia MiniBrute Synth

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The Minibrute was used to add depth in the lower end of the bass sample. It's a reasonable choice and never fails as it also has analogue components. I use this a lot on the remix to create my own unique basslines as well.

Behringer Deepmind 12 Synth Modular

The saw-like sound that appears at about 46 seconds into the track and throughout comes from the versatile Behringer Deepmind 12 along with the crazy synth stabs used periodically throughout the track. I can't say enough great things about this synth. So much versatility without the daunting complexity in finding the exact sound you're looking for.

Matrix Brute Synth

The Matrix Brute is a beast in its own right. Although this is only used for the organ-like lead sound that first comes in around 1.30 mark (the first main drop). It offers a texture that cuts right through the mix and keeps the groove moving.

pic 5 - image

I use this plug-in on all my vocals, sampled or recorded direct. I love the warmth is provides to any vocal instantaneously while controlling the dynamics in the performance. It did a nice job on this one!

To Be A Star is available now. Grab it here

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