Lights Out Premiere: Laxenanchaos - Brilliant Toys [Tripalium]

Frantic and trippy acid electro
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Laxenanchaos - Brilliant Toys [Tripalium] Cover Art

Today, Lights Out brings you an exclusive premiere from French taste-making label Tripalium. Known for boundary-pushing techno electro and acid, the latest release from Laxenanchaos perfectly highlights what the label is all about. An extremely urgent electro beat underlines an evolving acid line that dances between the tight drum work and warm stabby chords. This ain't easy listening stuff, this is a pure raving masterpiece; the type of stuff you'd go mental to when someone like DJ Stingray is in control of the dancefloor. Check it out below, and be sure to grab your copy when it's released on October 17th.

Track: Brilliant Toys

Artist: Laxenanchaos

Label: Tripalium

Release Date: 10/17/19

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