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Magnetic Mix 058: Wrest

An eclectic mix of techno, breaks, deep house, and more from Wrest.
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These days it's tough to get your name out there with all the competition. We here at Magnetic are always looking for fresh talent, but sometimes, things, unfortunately, get lost in the fray. That being said, everyone now and then, something truly awesome comes across our desks. Such is the case for Wrest, a new artist who seems to have a real knack for making tunes and putting a mix together. Taking inspiration from Avalon Emerson and the like, the mix is eclectic and well thought out. 

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Listen to the full mix and follow along with the tracklist.

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1. rRoxymore - Prodrome (Don't be afraid)
2. Lone - From A Past Life (R & S)
3. Joe - Tail Lift (Hessle)
4. Lory D - Deep Acoustic (Numbers)
5. Wrest - Play Time (Unreleased)
6. Octo Octa - I Need You (Technicolour)
7. Skee Mask - Muk FM (Ilian Tape)
8. Opaque - Sonic (Archive)
9. Soundbwoy Killah - Abra Cadabra (Sneaker Social Club)
10. Wrest - The Dog (Barks) (Unreleased)
11. Jade Statues - We Stayed At The Beach (Dream Catalogue)
12. Brothomstates - Claro (Warp)
13. Audion - Taut (Spectral Sound)
14. Mor Elian - Break Memories (Delft)
15. Beatrice Dillon & Call - Super Fluo (Hessle)
16. Wrest - Home Sucks (Unreleased)

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