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Magnetic Mix 059: Petticoat

Petticoat drops 16 unreleased tracks in his new mix for Magnetic

Bay Area singer, songwriter and producer Petticoat is ready to shine. Born David Halsey, Petticoat combines 80’s pop, new wave with 2000’s R&B music with a eye for molding that into his futuristic sound. We are happy to have him in for a Magnetic Mix that is very special. On this mix, Petticoat showcases some of his previously released material, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, he includes 16 unreleased tracks, some of which may never be released. He also adds some music from Madonna, Bun B with the Ying Yang Twins, S-Type and more.

Petticoat explains why he chose to have so much unreleased music in this mix and says that some of the songs in here may never get released, so this is your chance to hear them.

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“This mix includes many unreleased productions that I had sitting around,” explains Halsey. “To me, it was important to showcase works that may have never seen the light of day if it wasn’t for the mix. I also threw in some songs that I am currently feeling as well as nostalgic hits that I grew up on.”

Listen to the fast-moving mix below and follow along with the tracklist.


1. Petticoat - Closets (Unreleased)
2. Petticoat - Ferrofluid
3. Petticoat - Porn in Fifteen Seconds (Unreleased) x JME “Murkin”
4. Petticoat - Zig Zag (Unreleased)
5. Petticoat - Machismo (Unreleased)
6. Petticoat - Drift (Unreleased)
7. Petticoat - Premonition (Unreleased) x The Pack “Vans”
8. Petticoat - Zebra (Unreleased)
9. Petticoat - Primadonna (Unreleased) x AlunaGeorge “I’m In Control”
10. Bun B & Ying Yang Twins - Git It
11. Petticoat - Squish (Unreleased) x D-Lo “No Hoe”
12. Blapstar - Berries n Cream
13. Petticoat & Séamus - Composure (Unreleased)
14. Petticoat - WIW (Unreleased)
15. Madonna - Get Together
16. Slayyyter - Mine (Petticoat Remix)
17. Petticoat - Greenlight
18. Petticoat - 575 (unreleased)
19. Glacci - Hearthblast
20. Petticoat - Dearly Beloved (Unreleased)
21. S-Type - Fetch
22. Petticoat - Motorcycle (Unreleased)
23. J-E-T-S - Q Natural
24. Petticoat - An Opening(?) (Unreleased)
25. Morris - Moving On
26. Petticoat - Laid Out (Unreleased)

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