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Matt Pond, Chris Hansen & Eva Magill-Oliver Form An Orchestrated Impulse To Release Mediative Ambient Album

Let this album wash over your worries on this Monday.
An Orchestrated Impulse

Look at the dogs!

An Orchestrated Impulse is a collaborative effort between visual artist Eva Magill-Oliver and recording artists Matt Pond and Chris Hansen. Matt Pond primarily works with indie and rock artists, Chris Hansen works a lot with Pond as a guitarist and co-producer on the Matt Pond PA albums. Eva Magill-Oliver is an artist currently living and working in Atlanta, Georgia that creates delicate, meditative collages, drawings and paintings. They have come together as An Orchestrated Impulse and their debut self-titled album is out now.

This album is a bit different than what you might expect from them, but as a collaboration it starts to make sense. The project feels like a serene photo of nature, either down in a sunlit valley or high above an endless forest turning red, orange and yellow.

This album is a meditative experience that fits together into one long sublime thought. It is grounded in soft pads and synths that flutter and ebb and flow as they develop over each track. They occasionally add some strings and sparkling sounds from nature.

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Sitting in a log cabin in the middle of the woods, with a strong chill in the air and a fire heating the house feels like the right way to listen to this LP. The album is soothing and evocative, with warm melodies washing over you like a crisp fall breeze. Listen to this work in its entirety, as it sounds best when all of the pieces are connected.

Pick up your copy here or listen below.

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