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MSTRKRFT Drop Thunderous, Relentless 'Sunshine Of My Life' EP

MSTRKRFT is back with another barrage of relentless techno and electro.
MSRTKRFT Sunshine Of My Life EP

MSTRKRFT have released a new EP Sunshine Of My Life out now via deadmau5Mau5trap.

The four tracks embody the raw electro / techno fans have come to know from the Canadian duo. One can feel the thunderous bass pounding into your chest and hear the raw, tangled and contorted modular synths being thrown at you.

The EP pulls no punches right out of the gate on “Oh Yea” with its thunderous kickdrum and someone shouting “Oh yeah.” It adds fast-moving distorted synths on “Ear,” before getting into the dancefloor-friendly and hypnotic “Let Me See You Move.” The EP then closes out with “Fit N Finish” that adds a strong punctuation to this project.

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If you need a punch in the gut and a burst of energy, this is just the thing you need.

Get your copy of the EP here.

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