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Premiere: GHSTWRLD & Metaxas Share Shimmering Indie-Electronic Ode To Love "Everything"

GHSTWRLD & Metaxas team up on a single that sounds like if Passion Pit & MGMT had a kid.
GHSTWRLD & Metaxas


Cypriot artist Metaxas and LA-based indie duo GHSTWRLD have teamed up again on a new single “Everything.” GHSTWRLD used to release under the moniker CHROMA, but are starting fresh with this new project.

They are working extensively with Metaxas, having already shared four new songs with him. Now we get another taste of that collaboration on “Everything.”

The new song is a blissful journey through indie-electronica. It sounds like Passion Pit, MGMT and Odesza had a sparkling baby. Shimmering synths set the stage for a high pitched and soothing vocal, singing about neon lights and nights out with bottles of wine.

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“‘Everything’ started out as an instrumental track. After working on it on and off for a few months without vocals, we finally got the right top line for it,” explains Metaxas. “There is a strong visual sense of leading a carefree uninhibited life full of dance, color, thrill and romance that we hope cuts through to the listener. That being a true free spirit is the sum of experiencing everything you possibly can in life.”

The new song will be released tomorrow, October 25 via Majestic Casual

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